Wednesday, October 01, 2003
It's official. Arianna Huffington has dropped out of the race. She made the announcement on Larry King, assuring the highest possible audience. The question: did she get anything for it?

In the meantime, Arnie's numbers do appear to have surged. I'm sure Davis' camp will be mad that Gray was not included in the Sac State debate, which in retrospect is where Arnie's numbers turned around. The Reep strategy was to hold him back and do as much retail work as possible, keeping him in the local nightly news without much of anything to say, while prepping him for the debate. The canned lines should have backfired, but Bustamante's strategy of laying back made him look like he didn't have answers for Arnie.

At the same time, do not count out a Dem surge in the final days. The troops are on the ground. What the polls are unable to measure is how committed people are to their choice. Polls always function as snapshots, not prophecies. There has been so much volatility in the numbers in the space of just a few weeks that it's dumb for anyone to put too much faith in them.

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