Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Bush Flip-Flopping + Day 1
W. on The War on Terror yesterday:

"I don't think you can win it but I think you can create conditions so that those who use terror as a tool are less acceptable in parts of the world."

W. on the War on Terror today:

"In this different kind of war, we may never sit down at a peace table. But make no mistake about it, we are winning and we will win,'' Bush said, pausing to grin slightly. ``We will win by staying on the offensive, we will win by spreading liberty.''

If it flops like a fish...

Meanwhile stuff from yesterday:

"I hope the media are responsible enough to report the numbers honestly, but I am not sure they will. How would they know if they weren't there?"
--Margaret Cho

"They have spent $80 million on just security for seven days. Do you know how many people we can feed with $80 million?"
--unnamed protester at the Poor People'sCampaign March

"New York City is a fortress, and I love it."
--Joseph Kyrillos, the New Jersey state Republican chairman

scroll down for the anti-RNC links to the mayhem in the streets...

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Monday, August 30, 2004
Me and Chuck D Down By The Barricade
I'm late on posting this, but hey, I've been busy. Anyway, more wisdom from the master.

For news, updates, and everything on the week's events in New York, scroll down or just click here.

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Accounts of Protest Sunday
From Davey D's coverage of yesterday's events:

"Actress Rosario Dawson was shooting a film during the march. Her film company was given a permit to do their movie and use the protest as a backdrop, but the police didn't like the fact that she wore a scarf which covered her face while the march was taking place. New York has some sort of law on the books that says you cannot shield your identity during protests. Dawson was arrested and jailed. A few minutes later the film's director who attempted to show the police the permits was also arrested and jailed. By the time the evening news came on, Dawson was still in jail.

The other thing that took place was the Republicans who sent out a group of protestors who dressed like anarchists and carried signs called 'protestwarriors.com.. The signs had slogans like 'Communists For Kerry' and 'Osama For Kerry'.

I interviewed these people who claimed they were trying to use satire. but instead they actually tried to pretend to be marchers and at one point encouraged people to storm the police."

From the NY Times:

"A quarter of a million people made a commitment to a peaceful legal march," said one of yesterday's marchers, Ronald Kuby, the civil rights lawyer from New York who gave his own unofficial estimate of the crowd size. "They were the ones who kept the peace. They were the ones who were well behaved. So this notion that the police did a good job is true only to the extent that the demonstrators themselves had a powerful commitment to keep this demonstration peaceful and legal."

From Democracy Now:

"Well, yesterday was a historic day. More than half a million people took to the streets of New York in a march organized by the nation's largest anti-war organization, United for Peace and Justice. March organizers said the numbers far exceeded their expectations. In fact, it was so massive that the lead contingent had finished marching long before thousands of people could even move from the starting point at Union Square."

Stuff that caught J-Schmoove's eye. Plus this:

We ran into a small contingent of right-wing christian zealots with serious anger management issues, but they got more than they bargained for when confronted with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog(!!), who interrogated them on what exactly they think is wrong with sodomy. Triumph's appearance soon inspired a rousing "Poop on Bush!" chant, and he also took a moment on 34th street to lead us in an "H&M makes shitty clothes!" side-protest.

A picture of ma peoples!

From Esther Kaplan for The Nation:

And then there were the signs. Lots of scatological ones involving the words "Bush" and "Dick," some suggestively lettered in faux fur. Then "Peace is Bootylicious" in lavender sequins. "Stolen elections are so 2000," bordered in blue feathers. And the haughty, "Goodbye, GOP. You're not on the list!" I selected a tasteful one in black and hot pink that read, "Tax cuts are tacky, darling."

Meanwhile, today is the Still We Rise march.

For news, updates, and everything on the week's events in New York, scroll down or just click here.

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Sunday, August 29, 2004
Go Get Em!
Important info from the helpful and incredibly riveting minute-to-minute updates at NYC Indymedia:

"08/29 07:34 PM
For everybody's information: All delegates are identifiable by the bright red bags, (gifts from the NYTimes) they are carrying."

For news, updates, and everything on the week's events in New York, scroll down or just click here.

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A Preview of Bush's Acceptance Speech
"The last three years have been a time of unparalleled economic calamity. They have been years of greater suffering and hardship than any which have come to the American people since the aftermath of the Civil War. …

“If we look back on the disasters of these three years, we find that three quarters of the population of the globe has suffered from the flames of revolution. Many nations have been subject to constant change and vacillation of government. Others have resorted to dictatorship or tyranny in desperate attempts to preserve some sort of social order. …

“Our measures have repelled these attacks of fear and panic. … “As a nation we are undefeated and unafraid. Government by the people has not been defiled.”

--Herbert Hoover accepting the presidential nomination at the 1932 Republican Convention

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Your Cantstopwontstop Anti-RNC Desktop Guide to The Streets of New York, an armchair entryway into all the joy and mayhem your corporate media is missing:

+ NYC Indymedia
+ Democracy Now

+ Pop and Politics!
+ Davey D
+ Jay Smooth
+ Prometheus 6
+ Josh Clover's Guns of Brixton

+ Talk Left blog
+ Mojoblog
+ The Nation Rapid Response blogs
+ Village Voice: James Ridgeway's Blog
+ Village Voice: Anya Kamenetz's Blog

+ Village Voice RNC Coverage
+ Alternet
+ Mother Jones
+ City Limits
+ Counterpunch

+ United For Peace and Justice
+ Bushville-Kensington Welfare Rights Union
+ Still We Rise
+ Immigrant Solidarity Network
+ RNC Not Welcome
+ Virtual Sit-In
+ Billionaires For Bush
+ Counterconvention
+ Shut It Down
+ Not In Our Name
+ RNC Watch
+ A31.org
+ The People's Guide to the Republican National Convention
+ Life After Capitalism conference
+ National Lawyer's Guild
+ People's Law Collective

+ No RNC Art Gallery
+ Yo! What Happened To Peace?
+ Partisan Project
+ I Raq
+ Center for the Study of Political Graphics
+ Make No Mistake
+ Roberta Smith's NYT overview (includes slide show)

This guide will be updated through the week...

Best of luck to the all the people in the streets!

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Thursday, August 26, 2004
The iPod Shuffle
Yeah, there's a lot of politics going on this week. So here's an article I've been waiting for--a look into the iPod Shuffle function.

Just got back from LA where I spent 13 hours on the road with the little thing. Here's the last 50 songs it coughed up:

Passover Joy Division
Isisu Somhambi (Music Which Feeds The Guests) Mahotella Queens
Justice Tonight/Kick It Over The Clash
Waimanalo Blues Billy Kaui & Country Comfort
Why (Feat. Anthony Hamilton) Jadakiss
Just Another Soldier Minutemen
Adelita Trio Mocoto
Losing My Edge LCD Soundsystem
Mr. Nine Buju Banton
Everything's Disappeared Steinski & Mass Media
Home Is Where The Hatred Is Gil Scott-Heron
Be Thankful For What You Got Donovan Carless
Night Nurse Gregory Isaacs
Straighten It Out Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Rat Race Gift Of Gab
Kid Charlemagne Steely Dan
Please Stay (Once You Go Away) Marvin Gaye
Wave Of Mutilation (U.K Surf Mix) Pixies
Intro: Live At Sting Ninja Man 0:51
Blackjack Tortoise 4:07 Standards
Freedom Suite I: Freedom II:Wanting III:To Be Free Young Disciples
Incredible M Beat Feat. General Levy
Guararey De Pastora Los Van Van
Solo Soy Un Van Van Los Van Van
Flowers Ghostface Killah F. Raekwon, Method Man & Superb
Holy Thursday David Axelrod
Sax Hoodlum Major Force Productions
It Serves Me Right John Lee Hooker
Chorou, chorou João Donato
Maggie's Farm Rage Against The Machine
Me And Jesus The Pimp In A '79 Granada Last Night The Coup
Finally Got Myself Together (I'm A Changed Man) The Impressions
Disc Jockey Skank King Tubby 3:41
There You Go Fania All-Stars
Paid Not Played Buju Banton
Down In Rwanda smith&mighty
Time Bomb Rancid
The Demon Pt. 2 Catalyst
London David Axelrod
Sean Flynn The Clash
A rã João Donato
Bummed Out City Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros
Positron Island Drexciya
One Session (Featuring Altered Egos) Lyrics Born
Fire Fire T.O.K.
Hora Derezar (1974) Mestre Nago
Naima Maulawi
Babylon Ah Listen Sizzla
Red Bus Needs To Leave! DJ Shadow
Ndongoy Daara Orchestra Baobab

I guess if the iPod favors Buju, Brazilian, Axelrod, Quannum, and Joe Strummer, who am I to complain?

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Jane and Naomi on Iraq
Josh Clover's great post on dancing and fighting in Iraq reminded me to big up Naomi Klein's piece in Harper's this month. (Not online, because Harpers is so old school their website has the cover from two months ago as their current issue.)

Klein argues that the line that Bush and the neocons went into Iraq without a plan is patently WRONG. They went in to Iraq to turn it into a neocon free-market wet dream: no trade or capital restrictions, no unions, no wages, no jobs, no nothing. Basically opening the place up for Halliburton-Bechtel-Walmart-McDonald's-Starbucks to plunder. A Baghdad Year Zero with Bush's man Paul Bremer on the reset button.

Klein describes how Bremer attempted to do through the CPA everything the IMF would like to do in every other country, but can't, because of those funny ideas commonly known in international circles as self-determination and self-governance.

She then traces--in her usual brilliant way--how the invisible hand turns into a Fallujah-to-Najaf pimp-slap, encouraging the armed resistance that now, in very real terms, threatens the neocons in military, political and even ideological terms.

It's fucking definitive. If you need to read one article explaining everything about Iraq, this is the one.

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Let Em March
Today's poll from NYC ABC affiliate: 71% of New Yorkers think the Central Park protests should be allowed.

Also an updated link below in the last post on this topic.

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Jack Ryan Beware!
From Greg Palast's website comes this headline: Prostitutes with AIDS to seduce Republican visitors.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Uh Oh
The State Supreme Court has denied UFPJ's request to demonstrate in Central Park. (More here.)

What's the significance of this? The Park held great symbolic value, as it has been the site of historic anti-war demonstrations over the years. But much more importantly, if not widely discussed, it gave the demo organizers a way to limit the possibilities of violence.

Organizers know that over the last 5 years since WTO, police departments and authorities across the country have figured out many ways to pen in protesters and limit their movement, most of which involve heavy uses of force and are strictly about containment. These have been developed in reaction to the headless quality of such demonstrations, in which there are always blocs of protesters who will stage unpredictable marches, sit-ins, or other tactics. The result of post-WTO containment strategies, however, has been the increased potential for nonviolent protesters to get hurt.

Central Park at least offered the possibility to stage a large peaceful demonstration, expanding the anti-war and anti-Bush message to attract families and nontraditional demonstrators. Instead the city is inviting madness to the streets of New York. Just like '68 and '92, it'll be some crazy Year of the Monkey shit, for sure.

Is the City making a huge strategic miscalculation or is this all part of their plan?

UPDATED: Reports this past weekend had some Republican party leaders crowing that they would welcome any street chaos as an image with which they could lambaste Kerry and paint the Democrats as extremist and unpatriotic and, yup, down with the domestic terrorists.

Turning down the Central Park permit means a bunch of things:

1) If protest organizers stick with an older plan of marching on the Westside Highway, they won't be seen by many city-dwellers and are denied good photo opps. How urgent is a shot of protesters marching past the Chelsea Piers?

2) If they stick with the Seventh Avenue plan, they encounter lots of risks. They don't have a destination to keep most people moving toward, and the Frozen Zone will be on lockdown. Big, bad, ugly scene.

3) If they demonstrate in Central Park anyway, they also risk clashes, fines, and legal issues.

In the first option, the protesters get upstaged in the media. Bad pictures, low coverage. In the last two, the Republican spin-meisters get their blood and their rhetorical victory.

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Friday, August 20, 2004
What You're Getting Clobbered With
From today's NY Times:

"High-definition cameras that photograph the undercarriages of trucks. A shiny new Italian-made helicopter with its 'night sun' floodlight. Little handsaws straight out of auto-body shops that can cut through chains linking protesters. A metal barrier that will stop a truck cold. Dogs that signal they have smelled explosives by simply sitting down..."

Here's more on the Long Range Acoustic Device. It's not a Bose subwoofer.

Meanwhile, here's Tom Hayden on NYC '04. And more FBI follies.

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The Fourth Unheard: Twin Cities Rap
On the heels of Egon's journey into Connecticut rap comes Peter Scholtes' journey into the history of Minnesota rap.

Do you want more? You got it.

Here once again, for the benefit of us die-hards and all those funk-faking front-like-they-know-it-alls, is real hip-hop scholarship.

Someone--one of you gate-keepers out there that have been killing trees and wasting plastic on the wrong people--please please please please give this man what he needs to do a book, a CD compilation, a DVD, anything he wants.

While we're at it, cop these books:

Freddy Fresh's The Rap Records

Joe Schloss's Making Beats

Like the man said: And if you don't know...get an intern or a work-study.

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Thursday, August 19, 2004
Still More Evidence The Reeps Are Imploding
This column by former soldier David Hackworth has resurfaced as senators inquire into the potentially biggest financial scandal in Iraq to date. $8.8 billion in missing funds to Iraq. Yup, BILLION. Does it involve Halliburton and Rumsfeld? Bet.

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The Emerging Democratic Majority?
More Blue Vs. Red analysis in this new book by a group of liberals backed by one really rich dude. They've been running these interesting print ads this past week juxtaposing people like Michael Moore (metro) vs. Mel Gibson (retro).

The argument as far as I can tell isn't that new--blue states with urban centers end up sending lots of money to red states that are largely rural. Red states are overrepresented in Congress and tend to suck up resources through subsidies for agriculture and forestry, which in turn literally starve people in the cities. What may be somewhat new is the suggestion that "metro" america can simply outvote "retro" america, establishing a new liberal majority.

Interesting to see if this book takes off, as Kevin Phillips Emerging Republican Majority did back in 1969 at the dawn of the Nixon era.

The entire book is downloadable here.

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Government's Code Orange Strategy UPDATE
Today's AP story is headline at CNN:

"The FBI anticipates violent protests at the upcoming Republican National Convention in New York but does not have enough evidence to move against any group or person, the bureau's top terrorism official said Wednesday."

and this...

"Concern over the convention comes amid heightened security across New York over fears that foreign terrorists might strike the city again. New York remains on a 'high' terrorism alert level, while most of the country is on elevated alert.

Federal investigators have infiltrated some organizations and are monitoring plans for protests being published on the Internet. The FBI also interviewed some protesters around the country before last month's Democratic convention in Boston and in anticipation of the GOP convention.

'We don't have any specific plot where we have all the variables we need to go out and take pre-emptive and judicial action,' said Gary Bald, assistant director of the FBI's counterterrorism division."

Note that this spin-recontrol press conference came two days after the NY Times published its front-page story on FBI monitoring of protesters, which have already called pre-emptive. In any case, now the government''s Code Orange strategy is out there in the open: again, link the anti-war movement to Al-Qaeda, create a domestic-to-global-terror continuum that just doesn't exist.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Marching On
If you missed this, the F.B.I. is questioning protesters about violence. (Today's update here.) Part of the Code Orange strategy--linking the protesters with Al-Qaeda, creating a global-terror-to-domestic-terror continuum. Get us all asking: why wouldn't anarchists and Al-Qaeda both want to target Citibank and the IMF?

Stop me if I sound conspiracist here. Then come check me next spring when protest season reopens, even if Kerry wins...

Meanwhile, the latest press release regarding what demonstrators are beginning to call "the battle for Central Park". (Bonus reading fun: idiotic sectarian flaming!)

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Even More Signs The Reeps Are In Trouble...
This statement from outgoing Republican Representative Doug Bereuter (Nebraska). Bet he won't be speaking in NYC or getting a news show on Fox.

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Welcome Peaceful Protesters
Imagine if they had these in Seattle at the WTO or even Chicago or Miami '68? No truth to the rumor that bootleg DVDs in Chinatown are being discounted to $3 for demonstrators.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Republicans and the Black Vote
Here's some cross-posting with Funkdigital, who weighs in on Republicans and the Black Vote.

Funkdigi got me thinking:

The Republican strategy is based on alienating the Black vote. It's how they realigned the Democrats in the south under Nixon and it's how they continue to keep Southern and interior states literally in the red. There's a lot more to be said about this, and I'll try to do it here over the coming months.

(By the way, Thomas Frank's new book goes part of the way toward describing how this gets done. But, I'm afraid due to Frank's blindspot on race he doesn't get the whole story. Chain Reaction by the Edsalls does a much better job but it's outdated now by over a decade--more in future posts...)

That said, I was stunned in 2000 at how diverse the Republican convention tried to be. Not just because Chaka Khan and Brian McKnight were featured performers (hope they got PAID), but sending Colin Powell out to defend affirmative action in front of a hostile hall was pretty bold. No doubt we'll see the same rainbow effect from the dais in Madison Square Garden in two weeks.

But all THAT said, the Reeps did nothing to actively court the Black vote in 2000, and on the ground, they did a lot to disenfranchise it. They still are, esp. in the South. But aside from Florida, we mostly won't hear about it because the "battleground states" are mainly in the Rust Belt or the Sun Belt...more on this too in future posts...

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Sunday, August 15, 2004
Elvis, Beer, and Rolling Stone
So there will be no black musicians featured in Miller Beer's canned commemorations to rock heroism.

Yes, Miller, I've known beer. And you are no St. Ides.

Who was Miller's corporate partner in this? None other than Rolling Stone magazine. Unapologetic hippie white rockist central!

Here's the best section of the article:

"The brewer and the magazine issued the cans this summer, depicting Elvis Presley, Blondie, Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and Willie Nelson, as well as two guitars.

Gary Armstrong, chief marketing officer for Rolling Stone publisher Wenner Media, said race wasn't a consideration when choosing the artists.

'We didn't even consciously think pro or con, the same way that the only woman on there is Blondie. We just went with the people that we thought were appropriate,' he said. 'We went through (the covers) and said these people we don't think are appropriate, or wouldn't appeal to Miller drinkers.'"

As of blogpost time, there is still no confirmation to the rumor that planned hip-hop commemoration cans will only feature the Beastie Boys.

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Puerto Rico Ho-oooooooooooo!
Puerto Rico 92, United States 73. Underdog love, cause this one's for Vieques!

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The Blues Roots In Islam
Great article on the Muslim roots of the blues.

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Thursday, August 12, 2004
This Is Bananas And Whatever At The Same Time
Staying in New Jersey for a moment: Democratic Governor Jim McGreevey steps down. Here's why. A gay adulterer? Watch the Republicans take this one to the cultural bank while the Dems cower in silence.

Meanwhile, memo to T.O.: get off Jeff Garcia's dick!

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Culture Freedom Come Back With Me Apple Pie!
Bring some extra-size fries, too.

Sorry. I'm having another hip-hop nostalgia moment.

The word from Cocaine Blunts & Hip-Hop: Tony D is back.

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Mental Viagra
The brilliant Tony Green on Rick James. Spotted at Pop Life where my-API-brethren-who-is-not-me also has a great piece on hip-hop nostalgia, something I know a little bit about. Because I Am Hip-Hop Nostalgia.

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Monday, August 09, 2004
Wave Your Flag
Man, I'm so sad I can't be on the Eastern Parkway this year. Fuck Republicans in Penn Station or terrorists in limousines, this year feels like it might be historic or something.

For one, Kevin Lyttle opened Top 10, which has to be the biggest soca debut in the history of the universe. The shift back from "fiyah bu'n" to "dancehall nice again" means that everyone, even Beenie Man, seems to have stepped up their game to please the audience. Then you've got the year of the dancehall diva--Tanya Stephens, Lady Saw, Ms. Thing, the list goes on.

While we're on the topic, Tanya Stephens is the Joni Mitchell or maybe the Betty Davis of dancehall. Lady Saw is the Madonna of dancehall, and deserves her own MTV opener with Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. And Ms. Thing, well, she's the Vanity 6 of dancehall.

Stelfox, holla!

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Paul C and DT
One of the best hip-hop pieces ever written, by the great Dave Tompkins. Also one of the best edited pieces ever, thanks to Crunkster, aka Jazzbo.

This came from 360hiphop.com. (Ask somebody!) It's true that all of us that got to witness and be a part of something like that still feel a little bit of awe and responsibility. So I'm dusting off the pieces we did in the politics section and will place a bunch of stuff up on the cantstopwontstop.com website when it goes up this fall. Can't wait for yall to see some of those...

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On A Mission From God
Now the neo-prog has a real neo-con to run against. Perennial failed Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes brings his baggage from Maryland to Illinois to run against our man Obama. Hey, God doesn't call it carpetbagging!

Does Keyes also claim Divine Inspiration for this campaign finance innovation?

Someone call McCain and Feingold. Please. Quick.

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Friday, August 06, 2004
Rick James Is Dead
Here's the story. And here, in a wild twist of circumstance, is his last interview--part 1 and part 2, with Chuck Creekmur at Allhiphop.

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Thursday, August 05, 2004
Bush Tells The Truth
"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we,'' Bush said. "They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.''

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Today's Must-Reads
The return of Chisun Lee! Writing on the return of racial profiling.

Plus Camille Taiara on the FBI's new witch-hunt.

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Wednesday, August 04, 2004
Moo Hoo Hoo Hoo Ha Ha Ha!
The only thing that sucks worse than the Yankee fans are the Yankees. (And the Red Sox.) Moo hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha!

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Tuesday, August 03, 2004
Code Orange
So Tom Ridge, who, as of Friday, reports had leaving his post because he needed to get a job that would make him enough money to put his kids through college (guess the tax cuts didn't help him neither!), says today that yup the intelligence is three or four years old and was "updated as recently as January".

The only question now is whether he's committing career suicide or the Reeps are pushing him overboard in order to get the kind of clampdown they need come August 28, when a million protesters get to New York City. (There were only 6 arrests for protest-related stuff at the DNC.)

In the meantime, for all you Behold a Pale Horse types, note this:

The RNC has been classified by the Dept. of Homeland Security as a "National Special Security Event". This means Ridge and the Dept. of Homeland Security is adding Federal resources and coordinating with the NYPD, Secret Service, the FBI, and--whoa!--FEMA around planning for the RNC. The potential conspiracies boggle the mind!

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