Friday, September 17, 2004
Schloss on Sampling Via Snoop
Joe Schloss Shizzolated!:

"I wuz actually surprised by this lawsuit, because da standard they set wuz what I thought da standard already wuz."

Yo' ass know, there are two sets of rights, da master rights 'n da publishing rights n' shit. The publishing refers da song as a conceptual entity 'n da master rights a specific recording of that shiznit n' shit. So my understanding has always been that questions 'bout how much of a song yo' ass can use only has do wit publishing rights, 'n that they are basically like any other plagiarism case, know what I'm sayin'? Like, exactly how many words can yo' ass take before yo' ass’ve stolen someone’s book? That is a hella subjective question, which is why that shiznit’s constantly being debated 'n changed n' shit. But master-wise, which is what this decision seems deal wit, my understanding wuz that *any* unauthorized sample of a recording is not legal 'n never has been."

The 'unrecognizable amount' standard wuz, 'n I guess still is, de facto, know what I'm sayin'? If yo' ass think 'bout that shiznit, that shiznit really doesn’t make any sense as a legal standard: if that shiznit’s unrecognizable, that shiznit’s unrecognizable – they can’t bust yo' ass fo' that shiznit, because they can’t recognize that shiznit." Conversely, if they can bust yo' ass fo' that shiznit, then – by definition – that shiznit is recognizable n' shit. Which brings me back why this decision is so weird: I’ll buy that shiznit as a statement of legal principle, but as a law, simple logic dictates that that shiznit’s totally unenforceable."

Thanks to O-Deezy for the link to the link n'shit.

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