Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Dr. Doom Says Goodbye Black Vote
First impressions: I actually only really caught the last half hour but it seemed a surprisingly bloodless affair. Both looked tired, a bit confused, and if anything, Cheney seemed to bring down Edwards energy level. Smiley couldn't even nail his dad's story--which has been a stump speech since he was on the debate team in high school 5 years ago. Cheney is the kind of guy who could end a Nelly party.

At the same time, Cheney's admission that he didn't know the AIDS fatality numbers for African American women was just phenomenally dumb. I bet most major media outlets will be ignoring this question, but for people of color, he's just set the Republican Party way back. Remember how we were discussing the Republican's chances with black voters a little while ago? That was Karl Rove's idea. Folks, Karl Rove is getting ready to hang himself.

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At 10/6/04, 1:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

gee, but at the same time, despite the fact they weren't supposed to talk about aids in africa... edwards starts his response with that exactly. neither knows what the hell is going on but they both can surely bs about what should be done about the epidemic, couldn't they? deer in the headlights, friends.


At 10/7/04, 3:11 PM, Blogger Anjali Taneja said...

Yup, they totally could have come up with something, even if it was bullshit, and they didn't. Edwards SHOULD have known better -- the kerry-edwards platform HAS a section on domestic hiv/aids, with actual plans lined out.

And Cheney, well his comments (and lack of making something up...hell, he was making things up the whole way) SHOW that he doesn't care enough about the african american community in the US to even FEIGN interest in the topic.

Thanks for posting on this, jeff. More people who didn't see the debate need to know that this exchange happened.


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