Thursday, August 04, 2005
Mos Def Calls Out Suge Knight In LA
Finally getting some light on SOHH and The Situation UK is the fact that Mos Def climaxed his concert at the Hollywood Bowl on July 24th by shouting: "Tell them who killed my man (Biggie), Suge. Tell them who killed my man, Suge!"

I was at the concert.

The crowd was shocked at first, but then responded with loud applause. Mos said, "Gotta tell the truth. We fear nothing."

The concert itself--sandwiched in between performances by the excellent Senegalese rap trio Daara J and an high-energy show by Femi Kuti--was billed as "Biggie, the big band experience". Mos came out on a bed with neon signs reading "Freedom" and "Oysters" next to it. The concept was to have a jazz band, featuring Will Calhoun, play covers of songs that would trace the story of Biggie's life.

It was uneven, at best. The band opened with a fascinating cover of "Stakes Is High" and moved through long versions of stuff like "It's Just Begun", "Miles Runs The Voodoo Down", and ended with "Umi Says". It was loose and unstructured, with Mos dictating changes onstage as the band played, and apparently not a lot of thought given to pacing. When the clock came up on an hour, Mos admitted they had prepared a lot more but they had run out of time.

That's when he got into the line about Suge.

The song that Mos went into after that had him solo at the piano banging out a two-chord drone in which he sliced together lyrics from "Jam Master Jay" with comments on Biggie's death. He ended by flipping the classic "Run DMC and Jam Master Jay" into a scream: "Who killed Pac, Biggie and Jay?"

Brave shit. But probably not ready to be recorded yet...

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At 8/4/05, 3:19 PM, Blogger Young'un said...

RIP Mos Def.

At 8/4/05, 3:50 PM, Blogger ronnie brown said...


enough Suge the words of Derrick Coleman..."whoop-de-damm-do!"

At 8/4/05, 10:44 PM, Blogger The Bishop of Hip Hop said...

naw thats big...

Mos's nuts are huge these days...



At 8/4/05, 11:41 PM, Blogger ronnie brown said...

Adisa, the size of Mos Def's nuts is not my concern, good brother; it's this kind of needless verbal jockin' that can inflame unstable knuckleheads to want to defend Suge's "honor" the next time Def comes to town.

This is what got Pac and Biggie killed in the first damm place! This is straight up "nigga sh*t" and i'm tired of it!

At 8/5/05, 5:50 PM, Blogger beez said...

Mos Def is an idiot. He's not a born idiot, I'm sure he was really smart at some point, but using his seemingly endless reserve of self-unawareness he has fashioned hiphop's most insincere personality. What a gimp.
What a waste too. "Universal Mag/If you Can Huh" was rockery, I think we should all share the blame for blowing his head up after one 12" and a couple of cameos. Rantover

At 8/13/05, 8:11 PM, Blogger Anita said...

Although Suge is old news, he's still dangerous. It's also kinda wierd that Mos Def is all of a sudden calling people out, I didn't think he was into that. Oh well, just as long as it doesn't go any further, its harmless.



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