Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Post-Crunk Shakes Its Laffy Taffy
Cool piece in today's LA Times on the new sound, which you know, is kinda Zen-like. I don't remember saying all the stuff I did in here actually! But what the heck, rock the discotheque:

Over three decades, perhaps the only thing that has remained constant in hip-hop is change. The music's always-evolving sound has spanned break-beats to rock guitar riffs, sinuous gangster funk to the grinding Eurodisco soundscapes of crunk and riffed on just about every other musical form along the way.

These days, hip-hop's newest dictum seems to be less is more.

A spate of recent recordings arranged over minimalist beats and reliant upon "homemade" sound effects such as whispering, snapping, whistling and slamming doors has quietly ascended the charts.

Sometimes called "intimate club" music, the burgeoning subgenre has become one of the hottest styles in hip-hop...

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At 11/12/05, 6:44 PM, Blogger l. renaissance said...

hmmm... agreed. ive been wondering about that too... it's all about that slow n intimate hip hop club music.

(oh and if ure gonna look at my blog, beware that it's underconstruction.)

At 11/22/05, 4:41 PM, Anonymous Pro said...

What peeps,
I'm a hip hop artist who just signed a indie deal with scyon music. We're actually in the middle of recording the album. I already got some tracks done that are banging. I was hoping i could get some feedback from some outside sources. You're feedback is really important.
Check my myspace page out and drop me a few lines.

At 7/25/06, 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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