Tuesday, October 07, 2003
NO ON 54

Just a final note from my stromie Ying Sun. For more info on the Proposition, check this out.

everybody -

sorry for the mass e-mail, but sometimes it’s like that.

i know the recall is the big news today. and with 135 candidates, anything else on the ballot might well get buried and forgotten.

but the truth is that prop 54 is more important than the recall. if the recall passes, the worst that happens is three years of the governator.

if prop 54 passes, we’ll have a retrenchment of overt government racism that could last for generations – and cost countless lives and livelihoods.

for those who aren’t familiar, prop 54 is an attempt by the same folks who eradicated affirmative action in california to go even further and make it illegal for the government to collect racial or ethnic data.

under prop 54, there would be no way to investigate charges of discrimination, no way to track special medical or educational needs of different communities, no way to escape the ignorance that reinforces structural racism.

in short, prop 54 would allow massive racism without a paper trail.

please, please, please – fight back this racist assault on third world people throughout california. vote no on prop 54.

in solidarity,


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