Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Britney Spears Is Not In This Blog
And A-Fraud is still not in the World Series!

Steinbrenner's stupid ass must be realizing that $180 million can't buy Heart. Props to the Bosux for battling back with dignity and pride. But the Tankees didn't just collapse, they deserved their throttling. That great sucking sound from the middle of the dugout was A-Fraud vacuuming up all Tankees' competitive spirit.

Forget The Curse, call it The Mistake. As long as A-Fraud--A is for Albatross--is in the majors, he'll never be playing on a World Series team. Talent is not guts or leadership. I feel sorry for Joe Torre.

So watch the doubting and second-guessing begin tomorrow in the press. May the Tankees go the route of the Lakers, Kobe, and the Dodo Bird.

And fuck the trillion-dollar contracts and the check card commercials. Fuck making the rest of the league your farm system. Fuck Bloomberg and Giuliani and 7th inning "America's Team" political grandstanding. And while we're at it, fuck $15 for beer and hot dogs. I heart New York, but I hate George Steinbrenner and the Tankees' embarassment is a victory for real baseball and the real world. Sit and spin on that! Muhuhuhuhahaha.

But hey, let's be fair--the Bosux were also willing to mortgage their future for the same kind of foolishness. They're no down-on-their-luck whatevers, and they owe everything good in this series that isn't named Schilling or Ortiz to the A's--Francona, Damon, Foulke, even Bellhorn. May they go down in 4 to the NLCS champ, who whether Cards or Astros, will be the real underdog in the World Series.

I've been accused of hating. Well, that's where our love always goes, the underdog.

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At 10/21/04, 5:16 AM, Blogger exo said...

Chigga What??? Have you no shame? No decency? Can you not let us righteous fans of the Greatest-Sports-Franchise-of-All-Freakin'-Time (thank you very much) mourn for a few hours before you dance your glorious dance? Ohhhhhhhh, you dirty, dirty rat. Lace your Air-Ones when you come to New York. We gon' show you how to run in New York.

At 10/21/04, 5:30 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

Wah ha haha haha ha hahaha! But OK, I do recognize that this is still assassination by proxy.

At 10/31/07, 9:44 AM, Anonymous ricky said...

Can you please help me try to figure out how to use this video?
I cannot seem to get it to work.


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