Tuesday, October 12, 2004
Links from NYC and the Inbox:

+ Caught the excellent Riddim Driven photo exhibition at Eyejammie Gallery, run by the indubitable Bill Adler, the writing genius behind last week's brilliant VH1 Hip-Hop History series. (Plugola: link here for my Kool Herc blurb for tonight's Hip-Hop Honors show...)

This is a must-see, with tons of historic shots from London, Kingston, and New York...The best is Ajamu's incredible picture of the 1999 West Indian Day Parade on the Eastern Parkway, featuring a VP float with Beenie, Spragga, and our boy Sean A Paul--as a crazy baldhead, smiling and sporting big fat Uncle Junior glasses.

+ While we're on the topic of roots, Burt Lum was a pioneer of the Honolulu DIY scene. In the mid-80s, he started two zines, Novus and Brouhaha, that became the center of a lot of left-of-center energy. He brought together the Waikiki post-punks, the Manoa post-hippies, the KTUH radio jocks, and some of the emerging hip-hop heads together into a weird wonderful scene that I was fortunate to be a part of. I may--or may not, I can't remember--have published my first stuff in Brouhaha when I was like barely out of high school (or maybe still in? Damn I'm getting old). Anyway, Burt's started up the zine again as a blog, and you can catch up with it here. Welcome back!

+ John Leland's new book Hip: A History is an ambitious and important book, well worth digging into for its takes on cultural miscegenation and generational change. The proof of its intelligence: Luc Sante's equally literate and compelling objection in this week's Voice. Bonus proof: Matos interviews Leland.

+ Check the blogroll for tons o' new links. Meanwhile O-dub muses on the politics of blogrolling. Check the comments for bonus beef!

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At 10/12/04, 1:44 PM, Blogger Burt Lum said...

Man, it's like the old days but we're 20 years older. Thanks for the plug Jeff. I still remember you coming down to KTUH in those early days and turning us on to great hip-hop. Then you left for the mainland and made the big time. Good to have found you on Blogger. I gotta build out the Brouhaha Zine site and get the old timers to post. You can also find me on the Bytemarks blog posting on all things digerati.


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