Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Gray Down, California Gets Terminated

And so it comes to this. The least liked California politician since Richard Nixon gets the big Foot In His Ass. The Democrats are left in complete disarray. California suddenly becomes a swing state for Bush-Cheney-Rove 2004. There’s never been anything like this in history.

First let’s point fingers, OK? Davis fucked off 4 years of boom by pissing off everyone in sight, especially progressives, people of color, and youth. At the beginning of the recall campaign and all the way through, Davis tried to run hard to the left, the Democratic Party base. In the end, they told him to take his gray suit home.

Bustamante fucked off a fat lead by disappearing at the second debate, and then deciding to blow off the youth vote. While Arianna stumped on the campuses, and Arnold played up his cool factor on the small screen, Bustamante did zero messaging to young folks. This guy was supposed to be our future? He was saying "No recall" and "Vote for me". Consistency and coherence, thy name is not Cruz. And he couldn’t even say the word "Negro" correctly.

(As for me, that was the shittiest-feeling vote I’ve ever cast in my entire life. One of these days when I say "No more", I’ll really mean it.)

There may be a realignment happening here, amongst new young voters. Look at the vote for Prop 54, the beginning of the end of Ward Connerly’s gonad-grip on California. It went down in flames, by nearly the same margins as the recall. The numbers ain’t in yet, but my bet is that young folks came in and voted down Connerly’s ignorance-as-an-excuse in huge numbers—and then turned around and voted for the recall and for Arnold Schwarzenegger. There was coherence and consistency there, even if it wasn’t what you wanted to see. It was like: we don’t have patience for bullshit anymore. Here we are now, entertain us.

So now cue Arnie as Robert Redford as The Candidate: "OK, what do we do now?" Arnold immediately becomes a national playa. The Dems are left with no bench and at the top of the salary cap, kinda like George W’s Rangers or the gotdam Knicks, and they have to be staring down 2006 with a feeling of doom. I bet Martin Sheen’s phone is ringing off the hook right now. Robert Redford is only a part-time resident. And Rob Lowe’s already defected.

There will be much fallout. Californians can expect more tax inequality, huger budget deficits, steeper cuts in human services and education, softer environmental regulations, and gridlock gridlock gridlock. Schwarzenegger will be on a charm offensive, trying to fill Reagan’s shoes, but the Democratic-controlled Legislature (plus Cruz is still in office) will be holding a grudge like a mic.

Yet the biggest implication of this election is that—thanks to this groping, grinning, Germanic Kennedy in-law—Bush-Cheney-Rove could have Cali in the red column for 2004. Wow. Think about it. The whole calculus of the presidential elections is suddenly up for grabs. George W. Bush has no love lost here, but he also did not compete seriously for Cali during 2000. Imagine Arnie turning on the campaign money tap for Shrubbie. The result: non-stop commercials of Cali’s big gun and the failed Air National Guardsmen airing beginning September 11, 2004. That’s worse than gangsta, it’s horrorcore.

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